Doctor Who Fan Film Series 1 (George Marshall)

Plot synopsis Edit

Once again, the Doctor arrives on planet Earth. After disastrous events which occurred during his last incarnation, he reaches a point in his life where he gives up with the universe around him. Nothing will stand in the way of the newly regenerated least not everything. With a sinister force trying trying to piece the Doctor's life back together from eternal darkness, its time for a change!

Appearances Edit

Throughout the series the Doctor meet's alot of new faces.

  • George Marshall play's - The Doctor, a hybrid, Gun man, Evil Doctor.
  • Harrison Cope - The Doctor.
  • Harvey Smith - The Doctor.
  • Tom Kenyon - Guard.
  • Rowan Bridger - Mystery Character.
  • James Reilly - Gun man,Rassilon, Timelord Guard.
  • Euan Bird - Narrator.
  • Luke Timns - The Master.

Notes & trivia Edit

Fun Facts.

James was going to play the Doctor in the first episode of the series.

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