He is a hybrid creature with Dalek DNA and Human DNA.

Also if he touches you, you will turn into him and be his slave forever.

He was appeared in the following films

Doctor Who Fan Film - Out Of Time (Link down there)

Doctor Who Fan Film - Power of the universe (Link down there)

Doctor Who Fan Film - The Six Doctor's (Link down there)

Biography Edit

He look's like squidface and he wears white shirt and a blue jacket.

He wanted to take over the world by the humans to be his slaves but the Doctor's stoped him in the film OUT OF TIME. Then in the 2nd film he was running away from the the judoon so he won't be in prison so the Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness helped him to leave the universe but Jack shot him before he left.

So in the last film. Skar was badly injured going to the other universe but he was very angry what Jack and the Doctor has done so he wanted to capture all the Doctor's in that universe so he can get his revenge. But the Doctor called James killed him with his bare hands.

Behind The Scenes Edit

Please watch the Out Of Time behind The Scenes (Link down there)

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